Accepting PayPal as Payment Methods

Make consumers nearly 3X more likely to complete a purchase.

Give your shoppers a choice to pay how they want so that you can sell more.
With PayPal on Stax, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal,
Venmo and Pay Later options on just about any device — all within a seamless checkout experience. No monthly commitment.

*Note: These transactions will pay out in two business days. Transactions taken via PayPal buttons incurs PayPal's special rate. 

  • 28% increase in checkout conversion for merchants who offer PayPal.
  • One of the world's most familiar and trusted brands in payments.
  • PayPal transactions minimize chargebacks by authenticating the merchant.

The PayPal platform with the Venmo button at checkout helps reach 90 million younger, digitally active Venmo consumers who trust the Venmo brand and value Venmo's ease of use, ability to split purchases with friends, and social commerce.

  • Offering Venmo at checkout can help acquire a younger consumer, driving conversion and growing loyalty. 
  • Consumers can use their Venmo balances and split purchases with friends and family.

PayPal's buy now, pay later (BNPL) option allow customers to make larger volume purchases on your site easily.

Enable your merchants to offer consumers a flexible BNPL option from a brand they already know and trust with Pay Later. This suite of transparent financing options is included with PayPal Checkout so that it can be used at most places PayPal is accepted. And with PayPal's 426 million active accounts globally, it's easier than ever to help drive conversion, revenue, and loyalty – with one integration and no additional costs.

  • #1 trusted brand across the US BNPL providers.
  • No fees for the merchant get paid as normal.
  • 2X average order volume compared to standard checkout.

Stax and PayPal offer two ways for merchants to provide BNPL. Merchant's clients can choose between "Pay in 4" or "Pay Monthly." Consumers are not subject to additional fees when they choose to "Pay in 4." They can make one payment at the time of purchase and three more equal payments bi-weekly until paid in full. If consumers choose to "Pay Monthly," they will be subject to interest on the purchase based on their credit score. They can repay in 6, 12, or 24 months with $0 down and no signup fee. 

Adding PayPal to your site

By default, the PayPal buttons are enabled on your checkout page. 

If you take card not present transactions, Stax will enable these buttons. If you do not wish to use PayPal, you can disable them in Stax Pay on the Setting tab. 

Setting the PayPal button defaults

You can modify the default behavior of PayPal buttons for checkout in Settings. By default, PayPal is enabled.

  1. From your Stax Pay account, click Settings from the left menu.
  2. Under Invoice Settings, deselect PayPal to set the default to off. This will affect whether or not PayPal is enabled or disabled by default. 

Using PayPal

When creating a payment link or invoice, you can add or remove the PayPal option on individual payment flows. Depending on your default PayPal settings, you can select or deselect PayPal on the setup page.

  • On the Payment link builder:

  • Or when creating a new invoice payment:


Payout Notification

When a payment is completed using PayPal, the Payments page will display a PayPal icon under the Payment Method column.final_payout-1