Adding Custom Input Fields to Your Invoices

Custom Input Fields is a feature included with our advanced customization add-on.

Custom Input Fields allow merchants to add optional or required fields for their customers or staff to complete to organize their payment data better. To add Custom Input Fields and other features from our advanced customization add-ons, please contact our Customer Success Account Manager or submit a support ticket here.

  1. Log on to Stax Payments.
  2. Select Settings from the bottom of the menu on the left of your screen.

  3. Select "Invoice Settings from the menu bar at the top of the page.

  4. Scroll down to the field titled Invoice Custom Fields.

  5. There are 4 Fields you can use to edit the information you are requesting/requiring
    1. Customer Field Label: This is the name of the custom field that will display to your customers
    2. Customer Placeholder: This is the faint text that will appear in the entry box of your custom field to help guide users before they enter text 
    3. Merchant Field Label: This is the custom field that will be displayed to you on the New Payment or Invoice page and will later accompany the message you add to the customer's view of the invoice
    4. Merchant Default Value: This default message will populate in the field for you on the New Payment or Invoice page. If left unchanged, it will be presented for the customer to see on their version of the invoice.

  6. Fill in these fields with your desired information.

  7. If you want to add more than one Custom Field, click +  Add Custom Field and repeat step 6.

  8. If you would like to have the fields required to be completed, please toggle the Required.

  9. Once all fields are filled as desired, click Save Custom Fields.

NOTE: Save Custom Fields needs to be clicked for both Customer and  Merchant Input Fields.