Adding Payments to WordPress

Your WordPress website can contain an embedded payment link to accept payments. This integration allows you to accept payments quickly via your WordPress website.

To enable and activate the stax payment link in WordPress, complete the following:

  1. Log into your WordPress website.
  2. In WordPress, scroll down to the Plugins tab and click Add New on the left navigation panel.
  3. In the Search plugins box, enter Stax Payments and click on Install Now/Activate.
  4. Once installed, go to Settings and click the Stax Payments to modify the payment link. From Settings, you can edit the token and the payment button.               
  5. Edit the text and color of the payment button based on your preferences. The payment link checkout will use the settings set in Stax. The button style will be based on the settings provided here in WordPress.

To Add a Payment Link

To add a payment link to WordPress, complete the following:

  1. In a Gutenberg block editor, click the + icon and search for Stax to find the payment link to add to your site. 
  2. In the classic editor, use the following code, [stax_button text ="Pay Now"], where you can enter any text you would like for the button.

Note: You can also look in the classic editor toolbar for the stax symbol to generate the short code.