Best Practices for Card Acceptance: Delivery Confirmation

If you are shipping a product, make sure to keep the tracking information and a delivery receipt. For large orders, require a signature confirmation at delivery. This signature should match what’s on the credit card authorization form discussed in the Obtaining a Signature section.


The delivery documentation is proof that the cardholder or authorized person received the merchandise or services as agreed.


If the merchandise is going to be delayed, notify the customer in writing of the delay and expected delivery date. Allow the customer to cancel if they choose.


If you are shipping merchandise without requesting proof of delivery, consider the costs and benefits of doing so compared to the value of the merchandise you ship. Proof of delivery or pick-up, such as certified mail or a carrier’s certification that the merchandise was delivered to the correct address or picked up and signed for by the cardholder, will allow you to return a possible dispute if the customer claims the merchandise was not received.


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