Best Practices for Card Acceptance: Obtain a Signature

If you are processing a large transaction, have your customer sign an invoice, a credit card authorization form, or a contract that authorizes the payment and outlines your refund policies. Once signed, make sure to keep them on file in a locked cabinet per PCI compliance requirements.

Signatures are vital in a chargeback situation, so make sure collecting a signature is part of your process.

The signature must match what the card company has on file for this specific customer, so always be sure to compare the signature on the transaction with the signature on their driver’s license.

Before asking the cardholder to sign a receipt, be sure your establishment’s return/cancellation policy is clearly disclosed near the customer signature line on transaction receipts or other documentation that can be tied to the transaction. If the disclosure is on the back of the receipt, the cardholder must sign the front and initial the back by the disclosure statement.


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