Business Tax Identification Guidelines

Below are some of the tax forms that a business can provide that will match the IRS.

Note: These are general guidelines; each business case is unique and this list is not a guarantee of a Tax ID match. 

Tax Identification Guidelines

  • For Individuals
    • Individual Name and Social Security Number (SSN)
  • For Sole Proprietorships
    •  Individual Name and SSN (or EIN, if your Sole Prop has one)
  • For Single Member LLC that is disregarded for federal tax purposes:
    • If owned by an individual:
      •  the owner’s individual name and SSN or EIN. The LLC’s name or EIN should not be used.
    • If owned by a corporation or partnership:
      •  the owner’s name and EIN. The LLC’s name or EIN should not be used
  • LLC that is treated as Corporations or Partnerships for federal tax purposes: 
    • The LLC’s name and EIN
  • For Corporations
    •  Business Name and Entity’s EIN
  • For Partnerships
    •  Business Name and Entity’s EIN
  • For Tax Exempt Organization (e.g. Non Profits):
    •  Organization Name and Entity’s EIN 
  • For Other Entities
    • Enter your name and EIN as shown on required U.S. federal tax documents. This name and EIN should match the name and EIN shown on the charter or other legal document creating the entity.