Cancellation Policy (Duplicate Article)

Stax's cancellation policy is stated on the application and is as follows:

In the application Terms and Conditions, it lists a term of the merchant agreement as 3 years with a cancellation fee as specified on the application. Please note, our Early Deconversion Fee or Early Termination Fee is $0. There is no penalty for termination of service, however, we require 30 days written notice before cancellation date. 

Terminal Placement Agreement: If merchant is receiving a terminal included in membership, the merchant acknowledges that terminal is FREE of CHARGE as long as the merchant is processing through Stax. Upon termination of the merchant account, the merchant agrees that the equipment must be returned to Stax headquarters within 10 business days. If the equipment is not returned within 10 business days of termination, the merchant understands a charge of $499.00 for the replacement value of the terminal will be applied.