Stax and CardX

What is the relationship between Stax and CardX - an Automated Surcharging Platform.

In November of 2021, Stax acquired CardX, one of the most innovative and leading surcharging platforms in the country. 


CardX is known for its fully compliant technology and expertise in integrated surcharging automations. Stax + CardX will give merchant customers an easy way to accept credit cards at 0% cost while eliminating the compliance risks and operational headaches that merchants have often associated with surcharging. CardX’s pursuit of transparency in the payments and surcharging industry has directly shaped major state law changes in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.


Now an even more comprehensive payment technology provider. 

Here are a few of our favorite benefits of bringing CardX into Stax.

  • Greater revenue opportunity: More accessible surcharge capabilities open up opportunities to expand payment types without the need for increasing service and product prices.
  • Ability to easily accept more payment types: Less friction means more time growing your business.
  • Cost savings and better customer payment experience: A true win-win.


Want to learn more about Surcharging?

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