Stax Connect: Common Transaction Errors

This list includes common transaction errors and an explanation of those errors that merchants may run into.

  • Do Not Honor - Hard Decline from the issuing bank. Could be for insufficient funds, met daily limit, fraud, card lost/stolen, etc.
    • Have the customer contact their bank. 
  • Decline - Hard decline from the issuing bank. 
    • Have the customer contact their bank. If the bank cannot help, contact support. 
  • Insufficient Funds - The issuing bank is reporting that the card does not have enough funds to cover the transaction.
    • Have the customer contact their bank. 
  • User Cancelled - The user/customer cancelled the transaction on the terminal or the customer took too long so the terminal timed out.
    • Retry the transaction. 
  • Invalid CVV Data - The CVV that was entered does not match, please enter the correct CVV information.
    • Verify the correct CVV number was inputted and retry. 
  • Type Not Allowed - This type of transaction is not allowed. 
    • Please try a different payment method or contact support. 
  • Gateway Unreachable - The gateway is experiencing connection issues. 
    • Please try again later or contact support. 
  • Hold-Call - Merchant to keep the card. There is a problem with the card. 
    • Call the number on the back of the card to determine the issue.
  • Expired Card - The customers card has expired. 
    • Have the customer try a different card or contact their bank. 
  • Card No. Error - The credit card number that was entered is not a valid card number.
    • Please confirm the number with the cardholder.

Ways to Reach Support: 

Support Email:

You can also submit a Support Ticket through StaxConnect.