Contactless Payments: In-Person (Card-Present)

Contactless payments consist of both Apple Pay and Google Pay and uses the same authorization process as other card transactions, it is just a different way to get the card information from the card/device into the terminal. The most common technology used for data transmission is NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). 


Contactless is one of the most secure ways to process since a token is typically used in place of the true card number. The token can be matched up with an account number on the bank's side to approve the transaction without the merchant ever having access to the card number. When accepting a contactless payment, cardholders may be prompted to enter their PIN number for additional security. Accepting contactless payments come at no additional cost for to the merchant. 


What Stax equipment offers contactless payment technology?

All Stax issued hardware, except for mobile readers, come pre-programmed with contactless technology. 


How do I accept a contactless payment?

Merchants will go through their typical sales process until they get to the card entry screen. On this screen, the customer will be prompted to "swipe, insert, or tap." Consumers must tap their card or device (with digital wallet) on the machine/pin pad until the screen changes. 

If your equipment is not currently enabled for contactless technology, please contact your account manager to enable the hardware.