Customer Matching with Website Payments


Website Payments

When accepting payments with a website link from Stax Pay, we understand that a customer may use the same link multiple times for different payments. Because of this, we automatically attempt to match the new payment information with the customer that is already listed inside of your customers list, avoiding the issue of having duplicate customers.


When a customer submits a payment via website payments, the customer is matched with their current profile based on the following “groups” in order of precedence:


  • Email - if the customers have the same email, they are matched regardless of their other information
  • Company, address_1, address_city - if all three of these fields match exactly
  • Firstname, phone - if firstname and phone match exactly
  • Firstname, lastname, address_1, address_zip - if all four of these fields match exactly
  • Lastname, phone - if both of these fields match exactly



In addition, if you are utilizing Fattmerchant.js for your payment processing, we will use the same method of matching your customers that have submitted multiple payments via your website, ensuring that you do not have duplicate customers listed in your platform. 


Disabling Customer Matching

 If you would like to disable customer matching:

  1. Navigate to Apps
  2. Select Website Payments
  3. Scroll down to the section for customer matching
  4. Uncheck the box labeled "Matching Enabled"

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