Dejavoo: How to Update the Address and Phone Number

If you are interested in manually changing your address and/or phone number within your terminal that will show up on the receipts, follow the steps below based on the type of terminal you are using.


Steps to change the address and phone number:

  1. From the Main Sales screen select access the Core Menu
    • Z8 and Z1 - Select "F1"
    • Z9 and Z11 Tap THREE LINES
  2. Select Core Menu
  3. Select Applications
  4. Select Credit/Debit/Ebt
  5. Select Set up
  6. Select Edit header (Use 0 key to add space)
    1. Line 1 (leave blank)
    2. Line 2 Street address
    3. Line 3 City, State ZIP
    4. Line 4 Phone number


    **Disclaimer: The changes must be made on a file level after updating the terminal, so please notify customer support at **