Dejavoo Z6: Connecting your PIN Pad For The First Time

If you just received your Dejavoo PIN Pad follow the below guide for a quick set up process.

     Connecting Your Z6 Part 1


       Part 2


The Contents

Inside of the box you will find your PIN Pad and the USB Connector Cord.

Connecting the USB Cord to the PIN Pad


The Connection

*Before connecting the PIN pad into the Dejavoo Terminal please UNPLUG the power source from the Dejavoo Terminal. The Dejavoo terminal must be unplugged anytime the PIN pad has to be connected.*

 The USB Connector Cord has two sides; the straight USB side and the side that is shaped like an "L."

The straight USB connects to the box port connected to the PIN pad and the “L” shaped side plugs into the Dejavoo Terminal.

The “L” shaped side will plug into the terminal upside down into USB port 1,  so the cord goes over the top of the terminal.

Once the PIN pad is securely connected to the Dejavoo terminal plug the power cord back into the Dejavoo terminal.


The Message

The Dejavoo Terminal will power up and display the message “Press OK when PIN Pad displays Welcome”. The PIN pad will then begin to turn on.

Once the PIN Pad displays “Welcome” select OK on the Dejavoo Terminal and the PIN pad will begin to upload the parameters.  

The upload is complete when the PIN pad displays “Welcome” and the Dejavoo Terminal is on the Credit, Sale, Enter Amount screen.


The First Transaction

Once the PIN pad is connected you are ready to run your first transaction!

  1. From the Credit, Sale, Enter Amount screen enter the transaction amount.
  2. The Dejavoo Terminal will display waiting on PIN Pad.
  3. The PIN Pad will display Tap, Insert, Swipe, Enter Amount.
  4. Insert chip.
  5. The terminal will then communicate with the host.
  6. If transaction is successful, receipt prints.


If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can email our Support Team at