Dejavoo Z6: Voids and Refunds


To void a transaction with your Dejavoo Z6:

  1. access the SERVICES menu
    1. Z8 and Z1 - Select "F1"   
    2. Z9 and Z11 Tap THREE LINES 
  2. Select "Favorites"
  3. Scroll down and select "Void"
  4. Enter Manager Password: 1234
  5. Select "View All Transactions" or select a transaction by number.
  6. Select "OK" 
  7. Wait for the PIN Pad
  8. Sign on PIN Pad
  9. Receipt will print



To refund a transaction with your Dejavoo Z6:

  1. Tap the yellow button until the screen shows Credit/Return
  2. Enter amount for Credit Return
  3. Select "OK"
  4. PIN Pad will prompt to insert a credit card and when to remove it
  5. Receipt will print