Dejavoo Z9: Connecting to WiFi

To enable WIFI connection on your Dejavoo Z9 terminal, please use the following steps:

  1. From the sale screen press the GREEN OK key
  2. Select UTILITY and enter in manager password: 1234 then GREEN OK key
  4. Select LOCAL PARMS
  5. Select WIFI
  6. Select SCAN NETWORK
  7. Select the name of your network
  8. Select CONFIGURE
  9. Select SET PASSWORD
  10. Input your network's password and press the OK key when completed. For non-touch screen models, use keypad to cycle through corresponding uppercase / lowercase letters. Special characters can be accessed via the F3 key
  11. Press yellow backspace key and then select CONNECT. If successfully connected, screen should now display DISCONNECT. If it does not, repeat previous step to re-enter your network’s password.
  12. From main credit/sale screen, select F1 key or tap WiFi symbol on touch screen models to start default connection
  13. If the terminal reads 'LAN Active', look for your network IP address to display
  14. Select F3 key for PING. Tap PING menu option on touch screen models
  15. Select the number 2 on the keypad for PING GOOGLE
  16. If terminal displays PING SUCCESS, you are ready to begin processing. Attempt a test sale to confirm approval receipt
  17. If terminal displays PING FAILS, check your network configurations - we usually recommend resetting your router -  and try again. Or contact Fattmerchant support for additional assistance