Developers: How to Set Up Payment Buttons and Links

Payment buttons or links can be added to online pages to easily accept payments without the need for coding.

Payment buttons/links can be preset with a preset amount or open amount. We offer a couple of no code solutions to choose from to create and manage directly within Stax Pay, depending on your use case.

Payment Links

  • For more information check out this Support Article
  • Can be used to accept payments online with or without a website by sharing a payment link via email or text, a button on a website, or even a QR code. 
  • Payment links are best if you need a versatile way to sell products, services, set up recurring payments, tokenize a customers payment method, and add line items, and more in a multitude of ways. 


  • For more information, check out our API Docsite or  Support Article
  • Take payment buttons to the next level with a highly customizable, beautifully designed, and seamlessly integrated payment form on your website - all without customers leaving your site.
  • Checkout is best if you sell fixed cost items, services, or accept donations directly from a website. 

Payment Links

Navigate to the Payment Links page anytime (located in the main left-side nav in Stax Pay).

  1. Select + Payment Link
  2. Enter the criteria
  3. Select Create Link
  4. The Payment Link will appear in your list to manage and you can select Edit  anytime you need to copy the Payment Button HTML

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 3.29.05 PM



Navigate to the Stax Checkout page anytime (located in the Apps page - main left-side nav in Stax Pay).

  1. Click Launch
  2. Select Copy Code
  3. Make any customizations by reviewing the Docsite article by selecting Learn More. 
  4. Add the HTML code to your website

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 3.35.51 PM