Forgot to add tips: Batch assistance for merchants that accept tips using a Dejavoo terminal

If your business accepts tips, these tips will need to be manually added before you batch out for the day. If you ever forget to enter the tips before batching out, you will need to follow a few steps to make sure the tip amounts are deposited to your account, as they cannot be adjusted after the fact.


 For batches with more than eight transactions, you will need to submit receipts for every transaction to be rekeyed. To submit the receipts, please scan all receipts and send the scanned document(s) to This process can take 7-10 business days.


For batches with less than eight transactions, call Fattmerchant support at (407) 982-1782 ext 2, so that we can help you create a new sale for the tips to be added to.


 If it is after hours, please call our merchant services department at 1-800-877-2265, enter your MID (located on the side of your terminal or at the top of the batch settlement report) select ext. 2 , and then option 5. This option also applies only to batches with less than eight transactions