Gift Cards



Stax's gift card solution offers competitively priced cards with innovative functionality. Our gift card program is backed by two of the top processors in the nation, ensuring a high-end product. Restaurant and retail business owners can benefit from gift cards by branding their business on a regional and national level. Complementary analytical dashboards are available to business owners to track issued cards and sales. 


Gift card pricing varies depending on the quantity of cards purchased and the desired level of customization. Standard cards are the least expensive and allow merchants to customize certain logos and fonts. However, the artwork is limited to a pre-existing selection provided by the gift card processor. Custom cards give you the flexibility to design all artwork for your cards, but are more expensive than the standard option. Purchasing in greater quantities will decrease the price per card for both custom and standard cards. Please contact Stax Support for specifics on pricing. 

To get started on the conversion process, please contact your account manager or email