How to Mark Multiple Payment Sources on Invoices

Stax Pay offers an amazing feature allowing you to accept multiple payment types for a single invoice to maximize your record keeping cleanliness.

  1. Log on to Stax Pay

  2. Click on Create Invoice in the top right corner of the Dashboard or Invoice pages.

  3. Create an invoice as you would normally, but be sure to select the box for Allow Customer To Partially Pay.
    1. if you retroactively want to add this to an existing invoice, please see Editing an Invoice and skip to Step once you have followed the directions in the article.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Select the existing customer you want to apply the invoice or click +  NEW to create a new one.
    1. If you skip this stage (by clicking +  Skip), you must add a customer before accepting a payment.

  6. Click Create as Invoice to create and save this invoice.

  7. When you can accept payment for this invoice, click Invoices on the left-hand menu.

  8. Choose the invoice you wish to pay.

  9. Click Take Payment on the bottom right of the page.

  10. In the window, you can enter the total to be collected, the payment type, and any notes you would like to associate with this payment.
    1. Note example: Down payment collected by collected via credit card - remainder to come in final payment to come via ACH.

  11. Click Mark Paid With ________.

  12. Upon completion, the page will display the payment status marked as Partial and the balance reduced by the payment amount.