How to Respond to a Chargeback

Chargeback notifications will arrive by U.S. mail and must be responded to as quickly as possible. Notifications will contain the following information:

  • Date of chargeback
  • Due date of response from merchant
  • Chargeback reason
  • Card number
  • Amount of disputed transaction
  • Additional transaction details

Once a notification is received the choice should be made to accept the chargeback by taking no action or refuting it by replying with all requested documentation. Documentation requirements will vary but typically consist of paperwork proving that the product or service were provided to the cardholder such as an invoice, receipt, agreement, notice of terms, signed authorization form, etc.

The current deadline for responding to a chargeback is 7 calendar days from the date the chargeback notice is sent to the merchant. This means that by the time a chargeback notice is received, there may only be a few days remaining for a reply to reach the chargeback department.

Chargeback rebuttals can be sent by fax or U.S. mail and must be received by the deadline outlined in the notice. The mailing address and fax number of the chargeback department will be listed on the notice.

These strict timelines can be difficult to meet but there is an upgrade Dispute Manager tool that allows instant online access to chargeback notices and convenient electronic uploads of response documents.


Interested in Dispute Manager? Reach out to our Support Team and they will be happy to assist with getting started!

  • Go here for more information on chargebacks.

If you need additional support for chargebacks, please call the chargeback department.

For Merchant IDs beginning with 5544: 1-(800)-858-1166 

For Merchant IDs beginning with 5200: 1-(800) 667-9573 

For Merchant IDs beginning with 444: (855) 550-3288 Extension 2 (Stax Support)


For all other inquires please contact our support team at