Integrating my Point of Sale with Stax

Your Activations Specialist will work with your POS provider to get your POS system setup with your Stax account information. Once this information is setup with your POS, you can begin processing transactions.

The Setup

  • To get started on setup, please provide any contact information that you have for the point of sale company to your Stax Activations Specialist to help expedite the process. If you have a direct contact at your point of sale company, great! If not, that’s okay too!  
  • Once your Stax Activations Specialist receives the contact information for your point of sale company, be on the lookout for any communication from both your account manager, as well as the representative at the point of sale company. Most times, the point of sale company will need your authorization to switch your processor and they will also schedule the time to make the switch.
    NOTE: We don’t want to make any changes in the middle of business hours, so the POS rep will work directly with you to determine the best time to complete integration.

If your point of sale company is unable to get in touch with you for authorization as well as scheduling the switch, then Stax will not be able to integrate into your point of sale.

  • Once your point of sale company enters in the credentials for Stax, they will run test transactions to ensure that everything is processing correctly. Don’t worry, no changes will be made to your point of sale permanently until all testing is completed successfully.


Who do I call, and when?

Since POS companies work independently, many troubleshooting situations are best resolved by contacting your POS provider directly. This can include updating the date and time on your system, connecting your internet, batch settings, etc.

For funding assistance, such as updating the bank account for deposits or retrieving a card number to add a tip, our Stax Support Team would be able to better assist. For these or other funding inquiries, contact us at (407) 982-1782 Option 2 or