Terminals with Multi-Merchant Capability

A multi-merchant terminal allows several business owners or entities to process cards on a single terminal with separate merchant accounts.

This is an ideal solution for doctor’s offices and hair salons. Each merchant will still receive a separate statement and backend analytics dashboard.


How do I process a transaction on a multi-merchant terminal?

Each merchant will be prompted to select their business name at the time of the transaction. This allows the system to keep track of sales for each account. This is the same for refunds and settlements. 


Do other merchants inside of the machine have access to my account?

All merchants have a separate merchant ID and are treated as a separate account. Each merchant in a multi-merchant setup only has the authority to access account information for their particular account. Fattmerchant ensures top-notch security by allowing password protection for sales, settlements, and reports for each account. 


What is the advantage of a multi-merchant setup?

The multi-merchant setup reduces equipment cost, and saves counter space and clutter. Merchants are offered a reduced subscription and get to process on a singular piece of equipment.