Next Day Funding (NDF)


Do all Stax accounts come with next day funding? 

Stax members who process payments are typically approved with next day funding options. However, merchants with little to no processing history may only be approved for 48-hour funding. Next day funding simply means your funds will be deposited the next business day. Stax also offers same day funding.


My account was only approved for 48-hour funding. How do I get next day funding?

Merchant applications approved for 48-hour funding typically need a longer processing history before being transitioned over to next day funding. A merchant account can be reviewed for next day funding eligibility after processing with Stax for 3 months. 


What does it mean if I wasn't approved for next day funding?

If your account was not approved for next day funding, do not worry - your account is still in good standing. It is not uncommon for newer merchants to have access to 48-hour funding.

Processors require established history with merchants before granting next day funding for eCommerce sales, as there is typically more risk associated with card not present transactions. Card not present transactions are any transactions where the credit card is not physically present at the time of purchase.


Is there any way to know if my merchant account will have next day funding prior to the application process?

Next day funding eligibility is judged on a case-by-case basis. There is no way to know prior to the application process if your account will be eligible for next day funding. However, the majority of  merchants are approved for next day funding with Stax.