Omni Mobile : Running a Mobile Sale

 iOS App

  1. Tap $ symbol from the bottom menu to access New Payment
  2. Add a new or existing item to a transaction
    • Enter amount and then tap add to cart
    • Select existing catalog item
    • Scan item using barcode scanner
  3. Continue transaction
    • Tap Continue to proceed
      • Tap Save to store transaction details for later*If you choose to save for later, you can find the transaction stored as a draft under the Sales tab 
  4. Select a payment method
    • Tap Mobile Reader to run transaction through your audio jack / bluetooth reader
    • Tap Enter Payment Method to manually key in card number
    • Tap Customer and Existing Payment Method if using card already stored within customer profile
    • Tap Create as Invoice to email customer with payment details
  5. Complete the transaction
    • Swipe card if running through mobile reader and wait for transaction to successfully authorize.
    • If manually keying in transaction, enter cardholder details or use built in scanner to take a picture of the card number, then tap Charge and wait for transaction to successfully authorize
    • Select existing payment method within customer profile and wait for transaction to successfully authorize.
  6. Enter customer email address to send an email receipt. Successful payment details can be accessed via the clock symbol icon on the bottom menu, under the Activity tab



Android App

  1. Select the icon in the bottom right corner
  2. Add a new or existing item to a transaction
    1. Select keypad from the top left corner and enter the amount
    2. Select Catalog from the top middle section of the screen and choose either an item or a discount
    3. Select Sales to choose an existing invoice 
  3. Once ready, select charge or select the shopping cart in the top right corner of the screen to review the transaction
  4. Apply payment
    1. If you are manually entering the card information, enter the card number, cardholder name, expiration date, zip code and CVV then select Charge
    2. If you are swiping the transaction with your mobile reader, select Charge
      1. If your mobile reader is not connected yet, make sure that the reader is on and the blue light is flashing, then select connect and proceed
    3. If you are accepting a cash transaction, select or enter the amount to be paid and select custom
  5. Send receipt
    1. Enter the email address or phone number for the recipient and select yes