Omni Virtual Terminal : Accepting Payments with an International Card

If you are accepting a payment from a customer using an international credit card, you can still submit the international billing address in addition to the international phone number with your payment.


If your customer is submitting a payment via your website payments link, they will enter the phone number into the Phone field. Please note that at first this will be formatted as though it is an American phone number, but it will correct itself once complete.


In addition, your customer can also enter their full billing address including their zip code. Omni will recognize the zip code as international and will allow us to request an authorization from the customer’s bank.

In addition to website payments, you can also enter an international billing address with an Advanced Payment.



You will follow the same flow that you do when creating a payment for a customer using an American payment method, but you will adjust the billing information to fit that of the international address.