Omni Virtual Terminal : Merge Duplicate Customers

We understand that sometimes duplicate customers are created within the Omni Virtual Terminal.

With this in mind, we created the ability to merge duplicated customer profiles into one.


If you need to merge 2 or more customer profiles together, you will:


  1. Navigate to your Customers list from the main toolbar
  2. Select your Master Customer from your customers list
  3. Select Merge
  4. Select the duplicated customer
    1. We will automatically suggest customers for you based on the customer name - simply click the x to remove from your list
  5. Once you are ready, select Merge


Your duplicate customers will now merge into your master customer. 


The information that is merged from the duplicate customer(s) into the master customer is as follows: 


  • Invoices 
  • Scheduled invoices & payments
  • Payments history
  • Payment Methods


You will also notice that your master customer will now have updated customer notes with information on which customers were merged into the master.

Example:  merged_customers (2019-08-19 17:43:51): [customerId1, customerId2]






If you merge multiple customers, but later realize that they shouldn't be merged together, that's okay. You have the ability to revert your customer profiles back to how they were before they were merged together. 


To reverse a merge of customers:

  1. Navigate to your customers list
  2. Select the customer that was merged 
  3. Select Merge
  4. Review the merge history
  5. Select Unmerge


If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can call our Support Team at 1.855.550.3288 or email