Paying with Stax Checkout

Stax Checkout is a fully compliant online payment solution that is highly customizable that integrates into your website seamlessly. Checkout is a solution that takes payment buttons to the next level.

Stax Checkout integrates seamlessly with your website to offer a beautifully designed, turnkey solution for online sales without customers ever having to leave your site. We simplify security by allowing your business to process and store cardholder data on our secure, PCI-compliant servers.


Implementing Stax Checkout

Stax Checkout can be added to your website by adding a minimum amount of code. In addition to the code block, you will need your web payments token, which identifies you so that the payments can be directed accordingly.

To add Stax Checkout to your site, complete the following:

  1. In Stax pay, navigate to Apps > Checkout
  2. Copy the checkout code which contains your web payment token.

  3. Paste the code into your website.

Note: The div id value must be equal to data-button. If you change the main div id, you must ensure that the data-button variable is identical with a # before the name. For example, the above code sample uses pay_with_stax as the main div id. Therefore, the data-button field will be #pay_with_stax.

Stax Checkout Customization

Your business is unique. Stax Checkout makes it easy to select the best options—whether that means keeping the Stax Checkout short and simple for your customers or including additional fields.


Optional Configuration Variables

You can add optional fields to customize the Stax Checkout payment.

You can add a payment amount and billing address to the checkout. To produce an image above of the checkout, your code would look something like this:

<div id="pay_with_stax">
<!-- HTML is dynamically placed here -->

The following are acceptable parameters that can be added to the checkout process:

Parameter Description
data-amount The amount due is in USD; do not include currency symbols or commas in the amount. If data-amount is omitted or is 0, the customer will be required to manually enter an amount.
data-name  Cardholder name that can be prefilled. 
data-billingInclude  If true, users will be requested but not required to enter their address, city, state, and zip code. If false or omitted, the billing fields will not be displayed.
data-billingRequired If true, users will be required to fill in all billing fields. Note that data-billingInclude must be true to display the billing fields. 
data-billingAddress1 Billing address associated with the card. 
 data-billingCity The city associated with the card. 
data-billingState Two letter abbreviation for the state. Note that the state will be used to determine if surcharging, if applicable, can be applied. 
data-billingZip Zip code associated with the card. 
data-billingEmail Prefilled email address. This is where a payment receipt will be sent.
data-expDate Card expiration date: MM/YY format required.
 data-openOnLoad True or False. If true, Stax Checkout will be loaded and displayed as soon as the JavaScript is executed instead of when the button is clicked. Stax recommends using the Pay with Stax button whenever possible. 
 data-displayConfirmation  Boolean value that defaults to false. If set to true, it displays a confirmation modal after a successful transaction. Message displayed in the confirmation model:

Payment Successful Your payment was approved. Please check your email for transaction details.


For more information, see our Docsite on Checkout.