Stax Connect: Performing a Download on a Dejavoo Terminal

**Make sure to close out/settle your batch before starting the download steps listed below**

Download Steps: 
  1. Select the OK button
  2. Select F1 and the core menu if hitting OK doesn't work (Z8 use F1)
  3. Touch screen models; select the 3 lines 
  4. Click Utilities
  5. If prompted for a password, it should always be 1234
  6. Select “Software Download”
  7. Select “Connect”
  8. Select “Ethernet” or “WiFi” - depends on your terminals connection
  9. Select “Partial” or “Full”
  10. If it asks to proceed with batch open, select “OK” 
  11. Select “Enter” - Press “OK” 
  12. Apply Updates? Select “OK” 

Closing Out/Settling Your Batch Manually: 

  1. From the sale screen select the F3 button or STAR button for touch screen devices
  2. Select the first option labeled 'CORE SETTLE DAILY BATCH'
  1. From the main credit sale screen select F1
  2. Select CORE MENU
  3. Select SETTLEMENT and press OK
  4. Select SETTLE DAILY BATCH and press OK