Product Update : October 2019

Here's what's new with your favorite Fattmerchant products!


Omni Platform

Omni Virtual Terminal 

  • Update Invoice Dates
    You can now edit the invoice date when creating an invoice to a future or past date, if needed.
  • Customer Merge
    If you have multiple profiles for the same customer listed in Omni, you can now merge them together, saving valuable time and keeping your customer list clean. Learn about Customer Merge »
  • Custom Fields
    Add custom fields to your invoices, in addition to Website Payments (Advanced Customization required) Learn more about Custom Fields »

Omni Virtual Terminal + Card Present

QuickBooks Online Pro Sync

  • Multi-MID Sync
    If you have multiple accounts with Fattmerchant, you can now sync your payments, customers, invoices, and catalog items seamlessly to your QuickBooks Online account. Learn more about Multi-MID Sync »

Omni Mobile

  • Optional Signature Screen 
    Choose to accept signatures from your customers at the end of a transaction


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