Q1 2022: Stax Connect Product Updates and Insights

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We’re Florida’s newest unicorn! 

  • After our latest funding round, we have achieved unicorn status, raising $245 million from investors, with a valuation of more than $1 billion. At Stax, we’re changing the way businesses manage their payment experience. But we’re more than a payments company–we’re helping businesses grow and scale to create even more unicorns.

Thank you for believing in us, as we believe in you! 

Check out our announcement blog to see what it actually means to be a unicorn!

Custom Fees via Stax API

  • Further optimize your revenue with Custom Fees by adding a fee above the normal fee for a particular transaction type. The added fee can be used where additional factors such as higher risk or specialized transactions occur. This new functionality is helping our ISV Partners grow their residuals so don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager for more info on Custom Fees!

Check out our documentation

Improvements to Enrollment Options

  • We added more clarity and organization within our Enrollment Documentation to better assist our Partner developers in deciding what option is best for their registration flow.
  • Customizable value fields: Improve successful sign-ups and expedite customer enrollment by controlling what fields you show, hide or pre-populate using the hybrid API enrollment method.   

More Support Enhancements

  • Consolidated Support Pages: it is now even easier to access all of your tickets and create a new ticket all from one page. 
    Consolidated Support Pages
  • Expanded Ticket Details: select any ticket and drill down into the core details. 
    SC | Support Ticket Drawer
  • Support and Documentation links: easily access our Knowledge Base, API References, and API documentation sites from any page within Stax Connect.
    New Support Links

Added Advanced Merchant Filtering Criteria and Modal

  • We made searching for your customers easier by adding advanced filter criteria within a modal that allows you to customize your search with more detail…even by surcharging enabled customers!
    Merchant Filter Modal
    SC| Merchant Filter Modal - GIF

Meet Amy Terpening - Partner Success Manager

  • As a Partner Success Manager at Stax, Amy works with our Partners across a range of different verticals, helping to craft payments strategy and boost payments profitability for ISVs.  Amy has a background in SaaS solutions, specifically within the payments space, where she’s built a career in helping software companies build highly profitable payments integrations.  As an improv comic no two conversations with Amy are ever the same, so be sure to connect and say hi!

Contact your Partner Success Manager directly should you have any questions on this quarter's product enhancements.

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