Stax Connect: Researching Missing Deposits

If the merchant is missing deposits, here are some useful tips/tricks on looking into them before escalating to level 2 technical support.

  • Within the Stax Connect portal, pull up the Deposits tab. Filter the date range to the appropriate time frame when the deposit should be listed. 
  • Open the payments tab and check to verify the transactions within that deposit were successful. 
  • You can also assume the merchant by clicking the Assume Merchant button under the Business Info tab. Once the merchant is assumed, you can look for the payments within the Payments tab to verify the transactions were successful. 
  • As you assume the merchant, open the Reports tab. Check within the Deposit reports and Reconciliation reports for missing deposits.

Once you have looked into all possibilities, you can either submit a support ticket via Stax Connect or email for further assistance. Please include the following information in that request when you send it over: 

  • Merchants DBA or legal name
  • Merchant ID (PMID)
  • Date of the missing deposit 
  • Total deposit amount 
  • Date, amount, and last 4 of the payment method of the transactions within that deposit
  • Any bank statements/screenshots of the deposit or photos of receipts showing the transaction was ran successfully 
  • Any other miscellaneous documentation that could be useful into tracking down the deposit