Same Day Funding

Same Day Funding is a brand new technology that allows you to receive your deposits within a few hours of batching out. This low-cost feature is a great tool for businesses that need quick access to funds from credit card sales.


How does it work?

Same day funding is made possible by depositing funds onto a debit card rather than a bank account. To be eligible, your business bank account will need an associated debit card. Your bank will also need to be a participant in the same day funding program, not all banks are setup to support this new program. Some of our members even choose to change banks in order to take advantage of same day funding.


To Get Started

You can add same day funding by contacting your Account Manager and letting them know you would like to be enrolled in the Fast Access Funding program. They will guide you through the setup process.


The chart below outlines the funding times and corresponding batch times for Fast Access Funding: