Sending a Receipt for Alternative Payment Methods

Stax Pay can record payments in a myriad of ways. This is how you record and send a receipt for these payment methods in Stax Pay.

Log in to Stax Pay, then follow the instructions below:

1) Select the invoice to pay.
a) if one does not exist, please create one for this transaction.

2) Click Take Payment at the bottom of the window that appears.

3) Fill in the Balance to Apply section at the top of the new window with the payment amount.

4) Select the option for Cash.

5) Then click Mark Paid With Cash.

6) Navigate to the Payments tab on the left-hand side.

7) Select the payment you just recorded (notice it will be listed as "Cash."

8) Click Send Receipt.

9) Choose Email or SMS and the email or phone number to send the receipt. Click Send to send the receipt.