Setting up your gateway is used as a gateway for both shopping carts and CRM solutions. Your software provider will be able to confirm whether or not can be used as every solution is certified to use specific gateways.

If your software provider has confirmed that your processor needs to build a new gateway, no problem! We will handle that on our end.

Once the gateway is created, you will receive an activation email.

Once this email is received, activate the gateway by following the prompts. Once your gateway is activated, set the account to “live mode” and obtain the API credentials from within the gateway account details. Once you have API credentials, pass them along to your ecommerce/CRM provider so they can plug them in. Your next transaction will now be with Stax!

To obtain your API Credentials: 

  1. Open the email to activate
  2. Select Activate Account from the main page
  3. Select Send Verification Pin
  4. A pin will be sent to your email address 
  5. Navigate back to the email and enter the pin number
  6. Follow the prompts to activate
    1. Verify business information
    2. Enter billing information (this is used if you would like to sign up for additional services directly through
  7. On the main page, toggle the account into live mode
  8. Select API login and transaction keys
  9. Select obtain New Transaction Key 
  10. You will now enter the API Login ID and Transaction Key into your shopping cart or CRM  

For more helpful tips, please reference the following articles:


Obtaining API Credentials

If you have any questions regarding activation of your new gateway, please call your Account Manager and they will be able to assist! In addition, we have a full support team available to help at 855-550-3288.