Stax HubSpot Integration

The Stax HubSpot integration is a seamless payment management experience to push payments to HubSpot.

HubSpot users can view the contact’s payment details on the side panel. The HubSpot user can review the details of the payment and can click the payment amount link to quickly redirect to Stax to review and make changes to the payment.

  • The integration is a one-way push from Stax to HubSpot. Stax will automatically push payments to HubSpot to contacts with the corresponding email addresses.

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Installing the Stax HubSpot integration:

Note: The initial setup of the Stax HubSpot integration requires the user configuring the integration to have an Admin role in HubSpot and a User role in Stax. Once the integration is installed, each user in HubSpot will need to authenticate in Stax. See below for more details.

To install the Stax HubSpot integration, complete the following:

  1. In Stax, from the left side menu, navigate to Settings >Apps >HubSpot.
  2. On the HubSpot Configuration app page, click Connect to HubSpot.
  3. Stax will redirect to HubSpot, checking browser settings, to the HubSpot sign-on page. 
  4. Enter your HubSpot account email address and password.
  5. On the Request for Integration Permissions page, click Grant Access to allow Stax to connect.
  6. On the Connect Stax to HubSpot page, select the Stax account to connect and click Choose Account.
  7. On the following page, click Connect App.
  8. An authentication will occur to ensure the connection is secure.
  9. A window will display connected. You are now syncing Stax payments to HubSpot.
  10. In the HubSpot application, you will see the Recent Payments card.

To configure the Stax HubSpot for each user, complete the following:

  1. Once the configuration is connected, each user must authenticate with Stax.
  2. In HubSpot, a user will see the following in the card.
  3. Click the link to log in to your Stax account. Note that if you are already logged in to Stax, it will authenticate and take you to the connected HubSpot page directly. 
  4. In HubSpot, refresh the page to load the payment information from Stax.

Using the Stax HubSpot Integration

The Stax HubSpot integration allows you to view payment history of a contact within the HubSpot platform.

On the recent payments card, you can click View more to see additional details or select the Actions button to send an invoice or receipt. 

You can also click the payment amount to redirect you to the specific payment transaction in Stax.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can email our Support Team!