Stax Pay: Accessing Payments & Using the Core Features

The Payments tab in Stax Pay provides a detailed list of all transactions.

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Sorting Transactions

  • Your most recent transactions will appear first by default, but your Payments Date and Total are sortable by simply clicking them.

Keyword Search & Filtering Tools

  • Use the Keyword Search field to locate specific types of transactions by customer email, name, totals and more.
  • Locate specific types of payments by adding filter criteria.

Quick Actions

  • Select the Ellipsis symbol in each transaction to quickly access commonly used payment functions.

Details Drawer

  • Select any transaction row to pull up the Details Drawer for core transaction details and actionable functions like Refund and Void payments and Sending receipts.
  • This view keeps you on the same page while managing and reviewing your Payments so you won't lose your place.


Log Into Stax Pay and Check it Out.

Access to key features within the Payments list, such as invoicing and customer actions, will vary depending on your subscription plan. 


Interested in unlocking your Payments lists’ full functionality? Contact us.