Stax Pay: Creating and Viewing Invoices

Learn how to create an advanced payment and view invoices and scheduled recurring billing.

The Invoices tab compiles a list of all the invoices that have been created within Stax Pay. You can search by Keywords, Status, and User or Sort by a number of details.

Stax Pay | Invoices List

To view your Invoices within Stax Pay click on Invoices in the left main navigation. 

  • Each Invoice will have a status displayed next to it.
    • Status include Viewed, Draft, Paid, Sent, and Partially Paid
  • To make Edits or view the Invoice details, simply click on the Invoice
    • Within the Invoice select Edit and make any necessary changes
    • Any changes made will be reflected the next time the customer views the link

Stax Pay | Creating Invoice

Creating an Invoice within Stax Pay.

1. Select Create Invoice located in the upper right side of the main dashboard, the Invoices list and the + shortcut button located in the top blue bar.

2. Enter in any line item details you prefer and make any customizations to the invoice you need such as allowing partial payments, allowing tips, memos, and providing a due date. Select CONTINUE.  

3. Apply your CUSTOMER information by selecting or creating a new customer - or simply skip this step.

4. Select Create as Invoice. If applicable, you can enter a Payment Method, Cash/Check/Gift Card, or a saved Payment Method associated with a Customer profile.  

5. Your Invoice will now be listed as a draft. Click SEND to choose email or SMS text to enter in the information and complete the invoice. Your customer will receive the link to pay the invoice. 

*You can also Edit or Copy the Invoice URL at this step before sending. 


All of your recurring invoices or auotpay transactions will be listed within your Schedules list. CLICK HERE to learn how to set up Recurring Payments/Invoices.