Stax Pay: Customer Settings

How to adjust your Customer's names are displayed by Client or Company Name and enable Custom Fields within Stax Pay.

To get started, navigate to the Customer Settings tab within Stax Pay.


Ultimate software plan is required to include Custom Fields or you can easily add Advanced Customization to your account to access Custom Fields and more!


Adjusting your Customer Display by Client or Company Name

Select the Customer Display dropdown and choose Client Name or Company Name and your selection will be saved automatically.

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Adding Custom Fields to your Customer Profiles

Custom fields let you track information (for people and organizations) that isn't already built in to the default profile. If more informational fields in your Customer profiles are required, in addition to the default Reference Number field, you can add as many as you need with Custom Fields.

  • Simply add a Field Label name and a Placeholder Example and Save. You can Enable/Disable your Custom Fields at anytime. 

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Custom Field examples:

  • Client ID
  • Order #
  • Item #
  • Title
  • Name
  • Referral Name or Number

Customer records include an optional Reference Number field by Default 

The Reference Number field is a custom field built into the default Customer profile to be used if needed to track information as listed above.

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