Stax Pay: Disable Credit Card Payments on Invoices

In some cases, business owners prefer to disable credit card payments made against online invoices sent to their customers and only allow their customers to pay via ACH (electronic check). This practice helps prevent chargebacks that can often occur with credit cards. Businesses using Stax Pay are able to set this preference at the individual customer level so that any invoices sent to that particular customer must be paid via ACH.

Businesses will still be able to key in credit card payments manually into the virtual terminal against these invoices; however, if the customer goes to pay the invoice on their own following the payment link, they will only be offered ACH as a payment method option.

Please Note: Your account must have ACH enabled to use this feature - to add ACH to your account, please fill out a Submit Request Form.

To get started with disabling credit card payments on invoices:

  1. Select “Customers” from the side bar
  2. Search and select the customer you want to restrict to ACH only payments
  3. Click on the customer, and their customer profile will display
  4. Under Customer Details, select “Disabled” under Invoice CC Payments
  5. Select “Save”