Stax Pay: Enabling Quickbooks Online Sync - Pro and Lite Versions

To get started with the Quickbooks Online Pro Sync, please follow the steps below.


  1. Log in to Stax Pay
  2. Click on Apps from the main toolbar
  3. Select Quickbooks Online
  4. Select Open


When you click "Open" you will be able to select either our Lite or Pro plan. After choosing a plan you'll be asked to login to your Intuit account and authorize the Stax Sync app.

If you choose Lite: None of your Catalog Items or Customers will be synced. Your past payments in Stax will be synced to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts to your Undeposited Funds account. After that, any time you make a payment in Stax it will be synced to QuickBooks Online in real time as a Sales Receipt.

If you choose PRO: Your customers, invoices, payments, and products and services from QuickBooks Online will be imported into your Stax account. Any customers you already had within Stax will then be exported to your QuickBooks Online account. Any time you edit a customer in Stax or QuickBooks Online moving forward, the changes will be saved to both platforms.

All of your unpaid invoices in QuickBooks Online will also be imported into Stax along with any payments against them and line items. Any time you make an invoice in either QuickBooks Online or Stax moving forward, the invoice will be saved to both platforms.


  1. Select Enable Sync Lite or Enable Sync Pro
  2. If prompted - select to confirm that you would like to subscribe to the service (additional costs apply for the Pro Sync)
  3. Log in to QuickBooks Online with your QuickBooks Online username and password
  4. Customers, invoices, payments and catalog items will now be synced!


After the initial sync, data coming from QuickBooks Online into Stax will be delayed 5 minutes, but data going from Stax to QuickBooks will be instant. For example, if you create a customer in Stax, it will instantly appear in QuickBooks Online.

However, when you create an invoice in QuickBooks Online that invoice will appear in Stax within 5 minutes. If it is paid through Fattmerchant, the payment will reconcile back to the invoice in Quickbooks instantly.

For Stax API users: Stand-alone charges will not be synced to your QuickBooks Online account.



Note: If you are a current user of the platform and would like to sign up for QuickBooks Lite, all of your historical payments in Stax, beginning with your very first transaction, will be synced to your QuickBooks Online account. 

If you do not want everything to sync over, we have created a "select start date" option. Every transaction that has been created beginning with the start date, as well as after, will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account.