Stax Pay: Setting Up Products & Services in your Catalog

Creating products or services in your Catalog allows you to quickly add frequently purchased items or services to transactions, such as your Online Shopping Cart, Payment Links, Invoices, and more.

To get started creating your first item or service

  1. Select Catalog from the main toolbar
  2. Select +New from the headerScreen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.32.07 PM
  3. Enter in an Item name, this is the only required field needed in order to save.
  • Category: The category field is optional, but can be used to generate category sales reports.
  • Quantity in Stock: For items that have a finite amount, you can enter in a starting inventory quantity that auto-updates when a sale is made
  • Low Stock Alert: Set a low stock alert number to be notified when a quantity of an item falls below a specific threshold
  • If the Item is a service (and there are no quantities), select the Is a Service toggle.
  • If the item is taxable, be sure to select the Is taxable option, so that taxes will be automatically applied once you have set the tax rate.

Once you have created an Item or Service, you can start a new transaction from within your Catalog by selecting the checkbox next to each Item and select New Payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support!