Stax Pay: How to use Stax Pay to track merchandise sales

You can use two different reports to keep track of merchandise sales in Stax Pay. You can use the Sales by Item report and the Sales by Category report to track the number of sales for a specific item and the category that it, and other items, fall under.


To add an item to a category, you will first need to add the item to your catalog. You can do this by clicking Catalog on the left side of the Stax Pay menu and clicking New at the top of the page.


From here, you are able to add a photo of the item, the name, price, and several other details of the item, including the category. You can add several different items to one category. To search for all items in a specific category in your catalog, you can click on on the drop-down menu labeled category at the top of the catalog page.

Once an item is added to your catalog, you can track that item’s sales under the Reports tab in the Stax Pay menu. If you have multiple items in one category, you can track that category’s sales in the Sales by Item Category page or the individual item sales under the Sales by Item Report. You can narrow your search at the top of the report by selecting a date range. This is a great way to track a cataloged item’s success from one season to the next, and identify if one category of service or good is in demand more often than another and when.