Stax Pay: Inventory

Stax Pay provides you with the basic tools you need to track and reconcile in-stock items in your catalog. Easily set up your catalog with in-stock inventory that syncs across all of your devices - no matter where you login from, your desktop or your app, your inventory counts will be up to date!

To set up inventory on a catalog item, you can simply update the item from the main catalog screen, select new or click into an existing item.

When setting up a new item or editing an existing item, you can update the “Quantity in Stock” field with count of in-stock items. This number will automatically update upon each successful payment made that includes this item in the transaction.

You also have the option to set a low stock alert - when stock of the item falls below the set threshold, a pop up will show to let you know to order or purchase more product!

Additionally, if you ever need to reconcile a transaction, simply input the item and zero out the amount to remove an item from inventory without charging a price.



If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can call our Support Team at 1.855.550.3288 or email