Stax Pay : Link Payments to Sales

For previously run payments, you have the option to link an existing payment to a different sale. This allows you to correct any mis-run transactions, and append the payment to the appropriate sale.

For example, if you run a customer’s payment to pay off an existing invoice, but forget to link it to the invoice - you can link the payment after it’s been run, to ensure that it shows a payment received for the sale.

  1. Go to the Payments tab from your side bar
  2. Select a transaction
  3. Select the More Options button with the 3 dots in the upper right
  4. Select Link to Different Invoice
  5. The link will take you to the Invoices page
  6. Select the Invoice that you need to link
  7. Select Link

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 12.19.35 PM