Stax: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication is the term used for requiring a user to verify their identity in two unique ways before they are granted access to a system. 

Multi-factor authentication provides meaningful improvement to the environment’s security and increases security by knowing accounts cannot be compromised by using just a single password.

Enabling the MFA feature extends the sign-in process by adding steps to authenticate the user. MFA requires the user to enter a one-time verification code that will be delivered to their cell phone. 

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication 

The following steps outline the first-time MFA process.

    1. To enable/disable MFA, navigate to the Settings page and click Enable Multi-Factor Authentication. 

    2. Once the Enable Multi-Factor Authentication button is clicked, the user will be automatically logged out and prompted to log back into the system to start the MFA process.


3. After logging in, the user is prompted to enter a cell phone number.  This will be the cellular number that will be used to authenticate yourself.

4. After the phone number is entered, a 6-digit code will be sent to the cell phone by text message. Once received, the user will then enter the code on the site. The system will log in to complete the process.

NOTE: The first time the user enables MFA, they will receive a unique code, which needs to be recorded. This code will allow the user to regain account access if the user cannot access the device or account used for MFA enrollment. If the user does not have the recovery code, please contact customer support to reset the MFA functionality.

Returning User

Once the MFA feature is enabled for the user, they will be prompted to enter the six-digit code after logging in. Each time a user logs back into the platform, they will automatically be prompted to enter the 6-digit verification code. Upon successful completion, the user will be directed to the dashboard. Note that if the user selects Remember this browser, they will no longer be prompted for the 6-digit verification code each time. 

Enabling MFA for team members

Admin users can enable/disable MFA for individual team members by navigating in Stax to Settings >Team Settings and clicking Edit Team Member.

On the page, select Enable Multi-Factor Authentication.

The team member would then go through the enablement process outlined above.



If the user does not have access to their cell phone to obtain the 6-digit code, the user would click on “Use the recovery code” and enter the 24-digit unique recovery code provided during the initial MFA enablement. 

 If the user does not have access to the recovery code, please contact a member of the Customer Support team to have MFA reset. The user will need to verify bank and deposit information.