Stax Pay: QuickBooks Online Lite Sync

The following information is regarding our QuickBooks Online Lite Sync. For information on our QuickBooks Online Pro Sync, follow this link.



Stax welcomes QuickBooks users and understands that while we aren't a replacement for QuickBooks as an accounting software, the Stax Pay Platform is a complete payment and billing solution. Through our gross deposits, online invoicing, website payments, and payment processing, we provide a variety of ways for QuickBooks users to use our tools alongside their accounting systems. The primary way QuickBooks users integrate with us is through our gross deposit feature which does not require software integration. Send invoices to your customers or key in payments through our Stax Pay Platform. Deposits will appear as gross amounts without fees removed and can be recognized as income through your bank integration. Processing fees will come as separate transactions. We also have an app that will publish those individual sales to a generic customer record on a configurable account in QuickBooks Online. Once set up, transactions created in Stax Pay will automatically download as sales receipts nightly into QuickBooks to a "Stax Customer" (they can also be set to push manually).  


Note: When the deposit appears in QuickBooks, mark it as a "Transfer" type to prevent duplicate revenue recognition.  


While we do not recommend using QuickBooks invoicing, if you are required to, we have a website payments feature that will prevent you from having to re-create the invoice. Use our website payments as a link that can be included in the memo of every invoice you send out. QuickBooks will attempt to auto-match the deposit with the outstanding invoice. If QuickBooks cannot match, then you can manually match.  


Note: Do not use the Sales Receipt Sync with this method or you will create duplicate payments.


Alternative Method: Transaction Export and Import

Our spreadsheet export feature will allow you to export the transactions and can be used with software such as Transaction Importer Pro and Verosa to import data exactly as needed into Quickbooks Desktop or Online editions.

Enabling QuickBooks Online Lite Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration is only supported inside of Stax. Follow these steps below once logged into Stax.

  1. Log into Stax and select Apps from the main toolbar.

  2. Click QuickBooks Online Sync.

  3. From the QuickBooks Online Sync app, click Open.

  4. Click Enable Sync Lite.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. Log in to your QuickBooks Account if prompted.
  7. Choose to Auto Sync or manually upload transactions into your QuickBooks Online Account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of setup is involved in your standard integration?

Please follow the setup under "ENABLING QUICKBOOKS ONLINE INTEGRATION." Once completed, it will be directly linked to the UNDEPOSITED FUNDS account. If you need these synced to a different account, please contact your Stax Customer Success Manager. 


What level of detail does your integration provide in the transfer of the data to QuickBooks?

The standard integration creates a sales receipt for every payment, void, and refund. The details of sales receipts include a Stax Customer ID, Date, Transaction memo, Transaction ID, and the Customer's Name. These will be organized under a Stax Customer File, so do not duplicate any customers you may already have in QuickBooks.


How does the business owner match your system's credit card payments with their outstanding customer invoices?

Stax users are not required to use QuickBooks Invoice. Our platform is a complete standalone online invoice and billing solution and can help the business owner leverage a user-friendly dashboard showing insights into the health of their business, and track when invoices are viewed or outstanding. We also allow customers to add their own payment methods on file for future re-billing and to pay online while matching their payment to our invoices.

If you still want to use QuickBooks Invoices, our website payment link can be embedded in your invoice. These will typically be auto-matched by the QuickBooks reconciliation feature since Stax makes gross deposits.


What if I want custom integration to transfer invoice and customer data into the specified fields?

For merchants needing a more advanced integration with QuickBooks Invoicing specifically, we recommend leveraging our compatible integration with Zapier, where you can create custom integrations such as 1) Import customers and attach sales receipts automatically into Quickbooks when they are created in Stax or 2) Create Quickbooks Invoices with line item support when invoices are sent in Stax.


What if I have the QuickBooks Desktop edition?

Businesses leveraging our full billing and payment solution with QuickBooks Desktop can still use the built-in bank reconciliation feature for capturing the daily revenue in QuickBooks.

If you still want to use QuickBooks Invoices, our website payment link can be embedded in your invoice. These will typically be auto-matched by the QuickBooks reconciliation feature since Stax makes gross deposits.

Custom importing leveraging our export-to-spreadsheet feature can also be used with software such as Transaction Importer Pro to pull transactional fields exactly as needed.


How does the information that you transfer over to QuickBooks match up with how the credit card deposits are made to the bank account?

Stax offers next-day funding and gross deposits on transactions for our customers. Since we don't take out fees the deposits will be auto-matched with the Sales Receipts or Invoices made during business hours for the prior day.

For businesses with a high quantity of transactions, reconciling a deposit from us is as simple as adding all sales receipts to a deposit at the end of the day.