Stax Pay & QuickBooks Online Pro Sync: Autosend

The Autosend feature within the QuickBooks Online Pro Sync is excellent for anyone that wants to remain inside QuickBooks Online while processing their payments. With Autosend, you can continue to create your invoices inside QuickBooks Online, and once saved, Stax Pay will automatically send the invoice to your customer to be paid.

Once the invoice is paid, the invoice inside QuickBooks Online will automatically update to show the paid status. 

To get started using the Autosend feature with your QuickBooks Online Pro Sync:


  1. In Stax Pay, in the left menu, click Apps.
  2. On the Apps page, select QuickBooks Online Sync.
  3. On the QuickBooks Online Sync app, click Open.
  4. Click Show Advanced Settings.
  5. Select Enable Automated Invoices.

Once this is enabled, all invoices created in your QuickBooks Online account will be automatically sent to Stax Pay. The invoice will then be sent from Stax Pay to your customer via the email address attached to their profile.

All invoices are preset to send after 120 minutes. You can change the time delay on Autosend by dragging the slider or typing in a new value:


Once the customer pays the invoice, QuickBooks Online will mark the invoice as paid.