Stax Pay & QuickBooks Online Pro Sync: Take A Payment for New Customers

With the QuickBooks Online Pro Sync, every time you process a quick payment in Stax Pay with an existing customer, the payment will automatically sync to QuickBooks Online. The new customer name will also sync to QuickBooks Online.

To use the Take Payment feature:

  1. Navigate to Stax Pay and select the + icon located in the top header of the platform. From here, select Take Payment. This feature can be accessed from any screen within Stax Pay.
  2. Click into the Customer field and select New Customer from the dropdown
  3. Enter the customer’s first and last name and email address. This is the only required information.
  4. Enter the cardholder name, number, expiration date, CVV, and zip code
  5. Enter any additional notes you may need
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Select Charge

You will be brought to a payments page showing the successful charge. Once complete, you can navigate to your QuickBooks Online account and view the charge under the Sales tab, while the customer name will be listed under the Customers tab.