Stax Pay: Reporting Time

When will my payments be shown in Stax Pay?

Stax Pay is an amazing tool for managing and reviewing the collection of payments. When you see payments in Stax Pay will depend on the method you used to collect the payment.

Integrated Terminal Payments

Integrated terminal payments begin in Stax Pay and are then pushed to the terminal. This payment collection method is very useful for Card Present businesses that rely on capturing customer information and, when paired with Advanced Customization, is a great tool for gathering all the information you could want on your customers or clients.

Once the transaction is completed, these payments are immediately viewable, along with all of the recorded information within Stax Pay.

Invoice Payments

Invoice payments will appear in multiple ways in Stax Pay, and they will show initially when created under Invoices, where they can be seen and managed until they are paid. Once paid, you will immediately find this payment within the Payments tab, while the invoice and its information will still be able to be found under Invoices.

Virtual Terminal Payments

Virtual payments, whether taken within Stax Pay, through a Payment Link, with a shopping cart, or any other form of virtual terminal Stax offers in-house, you will see immediately when recorded. 


Stand Alone Terminal Payments & 3rd Party Integration Payments

Due to their reliance on 3rd parties to report the information, standalone terminals and 3rd party integrations, such as or POS systems, will be viewable in Stax Pay on the day the funds are sent to your bank rather than instantly after the transaction. 

**Payment Reporting can take an additional day in the mobile app**