Stax Pay: Split and Partial Payments

The Stax by Fattmerchnat Platform allows you to easily accept split or partial payments against an invoice. For example, this allows your customers to easily split a bill or use multiple payment methods to complete a transaction.

A payment won’t show as completed until the entire amount of the transaction has been processed; remaining balances will be shown when a user clicks into a partially paid transaction. Partial payments can only be applied to invoices.

To get started with split and partial payments:

    1. Send an invoice to your customer as normal.
    2. When the customer goes to pay the invoice, they have the option to pay the balance in full or to enter in a partial amount. The customer will receive a receipt showing the partial amount paid. In the sales tab, the invoice will show as partially paid. You also have the option to enter in a payment method manually for the customer by visiting the sales tab, and entering in payment against the transaction.
    3. To pay the remaining balance, the customer can either revisit the invoice, and the new remaining balance will show for them to submit a payment; or you can manually key in a payment, use an existing saved payment method, or complete the transaction with a manual payment method, like cash, check or gift card.
    4. A final receipt will be sent to the customer based on their final payment, and the transaction will show as paid in full.